Reduce The Bodyfat Before The Holiday Season


The time is nearly nigh, yet again Christmas has crept up upon us so what can we do in order to reduce that stubborn body fat before the party season? Run an online search on “how to reduce body fat” or “lose body fat” and you will be hit with a million and one gimmicks which promise the earth however we all know that these don’t work. Similarly there is no point in going on a crazy diet as the fat will just pile back on when you revert to your usual eating habits. No, the only successful and long term route you can take is to re-educate your body and to eat less rubbish and move more. It is that simple, and here we will look at just a few adjustments you can make to your lifestyle in order to take care of your health and your looks.

Body Fat

The body stores fat as surplus to be used at a later date when you eat more than you burn off. If this overeating continues over any lengthy period then it will show as weight gain.

Burn that Fat

It stands to reason that the only way in which you can correct this surplus of body fat which your body is hanging on to is to eat less (have a calorie deficit.) This does not mean that you must starve yourself as this will only cause the body to retain fat, what is means is that through eating less calories, your body will use up its stored fat and the percentage which it holds will lessen.

Health and Looks

We all ideally should carry a low percentage of body fat as having an excess not only is not as aesthetically pleasing with regards to our self esteem but it is unhealthy. Individuals with high body fat are at risk of certain cancers, heart disease, type two diabetes, heart disease and more. You need to take care of your body and to lose body fat.

What to Do

·    Stay hydrated and flush toxins from your body by drinking plenty of water. This is imperative when reducing body fat.
·    Cut down on the carbs. Don’t get rid of them altogether as your body needs these to remain healthy however do cut back on cakes, breads and so on.
·    Reduce the size of your dinner plate. It’s psychological but smaller plate sizes ensure you eat smaller portions and these will fill you up. Try it and see!
·    Add resistance training into your regime. Try it at the start of your cardio and you will see results.
·    Eat more whole grains – these are vital for cardio health and they are excellent fat fighting tools too! These are far better for the body than products created from white flour and do help combat that fat!

So you see through following these few simple tips along with utilising some willpower, you can lose body fat. You owe it to yourself and to your health to do so today.

This guide should help you get started with your goals towards reducing your bodyfat and getting the great body you want.



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