Rowing Machine Review

Im sure like me you already have a decent workout routine firmly in place, but are you doing enough cardio?

Many studies have shown that even 30 minutes of cardio a day can add years to your life, not only will you look better for it, you will also feel the benefits of taking regular cardio based exercise, rowing machines are just one of the machines you can use to help you with that goal, I personally use one myself at home two to three times a week mixed with some other cardio and exercise routines.

It is very hard choosing a good product nowadays that caters to your needs but I have gone to the liberty of preparing a thorough review of some of the best selling machines currently.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine








This is clearly a machine designed for small spaces with dimensions of 58.25L x 42.5W x 18.125H inches, offering a weight capacity of 250lbs. I found the machine very easy to assemble with full instructions offering a decent level of guidance to ensure assembly is quick and painless, the super efficient computer helps monitor progress such as distance, strokes, calories burned etc.

Overall an excellent machine with the only real drawback being the footstraps which can cause the feet to slip out from time to time, a bit annoying at times but easily fixable easily fixed with a more suitable pair of shoes.

Even better is the $128 price tag, how can you go wrong at this price.

Available from Amazon.
Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms






Available from Amazon for £237.20.

A good entry level machine weighing only 47 pounds so that it is easy to move from room to room, the multi-function computer has all the usual features you would expect such as time, distance, strokes done etc.

Although it is a half-decent machine for the money, a lot of shorter people of 5’4 or less have complained they cannot reach the foot rests, this issue could be rectified by building up the foot rests somewhat, although modern designed machines should not suffer with this problem, assembly can prove difficult, it took me and a friend over an hour to fiddle with various bits and pieces as the instructions were not very clear at all.

Overall finish looks good, however long-term quality is questionable at best, with many users reporting of part failures after only a year of ownership, would possibly consider other machines before this one.
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 (Black)


Available from Amazon for $900.

Quite frankly this machine is at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to buying the perfect rowing machine, and for good reason too, it is considered by many as the best rowing machine made, it is super reliable, very well put together and very rarely goes wrong, and also has all the features you could ever want, there’s a reason gym’s across the world use this as there rowing machine of choice.

One cool feature I really thought was useful was the PM3 computer, this comes with a log card to track your progress through the internet and computer where you can compare results against others, the computer has all the usual features you’d expect like time, distance travelled and speed etc. but my favourite part is the extra’s you don’t get on a lot of other machines such as the games, pace boat and animated rowers to show you proper technique on the machine etc.

Overall you will struggle to find a better machine than this on the market, there aren’t many that can top this one, very highly recommended.
ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine







Available from Amazon for $699.99

Before I get into any of the usual stuff, I just want to say two of the shining things this machine has to offer which really does make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, especially at this price range are the very easy to read moniter which really gave a fantastic display that was easy to read and really made exercising a much more enjoyable experience than normal, not only that but the unique ‘water-resistance’ feature incorporating a water tank for resistance gives a very realistic feel¬† to rowing I have not felt on a machine before, and also makes the exercises super smooth which means low-impact but high resistance.

I did note it was hard to follow the instructions on initial assembly but this is forgiven when done as it’s so well finished and a fine bit of kit to use even long-term without fear of it breaking and falling apart,

Would recommend this machine at this price level, a good all-rounder with nifty unique features too.
Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)







Available from Amazon for $299.99

At this price level I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I had assembled it of the fit, finish and quality of what is on offer, the machine looks like it costs much more than it does.

Although you cannot fault it’s overall operation the machine has one major flaw which to some could be the deal breaker, whilst I have been using it, I have found that it seems to favor working your arms more than anything, this would be fine except real rowing is about mostly working your legs, followed by your back and a little bit your arms, sadly this machine only seems to work your arms more than any other body part, this is fine for just general exercise, but if you are really into proper rowing and technique etc. then you will be solely disappointed by this machine. Not bad for the money then, but could do with the arms to legs exercise ratio rectifying.

I hope the above reviews on rowing machines have been of great benefit to you and feel free to comment below should you have anything you wish to add or ask.




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