Stay Fit in the Gym and Avoid The Common Cold This Winter

The human body is very complex.

It’s that time of year again. As winter closes in on us and the seasons change it is easy to come down with a cough or the common cold. Even the healthiest of us at one time or another fall foul to this annoyance from time to time. However if you act now then you have an excellent chance of avoiding time off work and the inconvenience of having the common cold.

Here is something you may not have thought about, you may well be a gym goer who prides themselves on keeping fit and healthy, however have you ever stopped to consider the amount of germs which can be picked up from gym equipment. Yes all good gyms keep their machines very clean by wiping them down, disinfecting and so on however it is a complete impossibility to ensure that no germs are left behind. So what can you do? Don’t touch your face whilst you are working out. Wipe the equipment down yourself before you use it and wipe your face down with a small face cloth if you are sweating. Sit on a towel whilst in the sauna and always wash your hands after you have finished your work out.

Virus Strains

With around 200 strains of common cold virus around, what else can be done to stop them?

·    Firstly, if you are a smoker, stop now. Of course it goes without saying that smoking is bad for you. It lowers the immune system and makes you more susceptible to germs and bacteria.

·    If you enjoy an alcoholic drink once in a while, ensure that it stays that way. People who drink heavily put a great strain on their respiratory system thus making them far more likely to acquire, coughs, sneezes, colds and flu.

·    Carrying too much weight is another no no if you want to keep colds at bay this winter. Heavier people have more tissue which requires oxygenating and therefore take in more breaths of air. If an overweight individual breathes through the mouth, there is no time for the air to heat up. This air will then contain far less moisture and can potentially result in a sore throat through the respiratory tract drying out.

·    Always wash your hands after being out and about or near someone who is ill. Colds can be transferred from person to person via moisture droplets or via the hands.

·    Wrap up warmly in cold weather.

·    Eat healthily, stay hydrated and get adequate sleep in order to keep your body as well defended as possible against attack.

·    Remember that regular exercise boosts the immune system.

·    Try not to stress – stress opens the body to all manner of illnesses and has an extremely detrimental affect on the immune system

If you do get ill, be kind to yourself, rest up and take a cold remedy along with herbal teas and unprocessed foods. Look after yourself and your loved ones this winter and avoid the common cold virus.

I hope this article has been a big help to you and a few tips taken from here could help massively if you are needing to get some motivation to go work out this winter.


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