The 30 Minute Bodyweight Workout

A good thing follow with any bodyweight workout is if you are not sore the day after the workout then you didn’t workout hard enough, how about a bodyweight workout you can do in 30 mins almost anywhere as well as building muscle, increasing bone density, strengthening ligaments and burning calories for upto 36 hours after the workout.

If push-ups become too easy, try a different stance, maybe try a set on an incline or even with one hand on a basketball or medicine ball, with these exercises aim for three sets of 10 reps unless otherwise stated.

bodyweight workout

Can be used to target more than 100 individual muscles.


Push up’s bring more than 100 muscles into play, however few people do them with proper form, be sure to keep your back and neck straight with your glutes and core engaged. Always lower down slowly bringing your chest almost to the floor before pushing back up again.

To make it a bit harder try it with one hand on the basketball and roll onto each hand, for a true master class, try doing one handed push-ups with one hand behind your back.

bodyweight workout

Great for triceps or shoulders.


Be sure to push up with your core and glutes when doing dips, not just your arms. Lean forwards to work more of your chest muscles and lean back to work your triceps.

To make it harder place both hands on the backs of two chairs, lower down until your chest reaches your hands then push back up keeping your back straight.

To do the perfect dips workout get a bench, place your feet out front and your hands next to your butt on the bench, lift your body supporting yourself only with your hands, lower almost to the bench and rise back up.

bodyweight workout

Great for building more core strength.



Press your elbows to the floor to activate your shoulder muscles and squeeze your stomach and glutes.

To make it harder get into a push up position and walk your hands until your arms are nearly straight now plank on your fingertips and toes.

For the most difficult version start in a push up position and raise one arm and the opposite leg so that they are parallel to your back, hold this for one minute.

bodyweight workout

Can be made as hard or as easy as you like.


Never let your knees track over your toes when lunging, this can lead to knee problems.

To make this exercise harder then normal, lunge forward then raise your lunging knee as high as you can, aim to touch your chest.

For the ultimate version of this jump out instead of stepping out, alternating legs on each jump.

bodyweight workout

Another great workout exercise for bodyweight.

Mountain Climbers

From a push up position, bring one knee up to your chest and back down, repeat with your other knee, aim to do 25 on each side, to make it harder, lift your knee up and across your chest towards your opposite shoulder, this will work your obliques.

For the ultimate challenge on this, do a press up position with your feet against a wall flat and do the mountain climbers.


bodyweigth workout

Great exercise that can be varied for lats or other exercises.

Performing pull-ups with your palms facing out are some of the most difficult functional exercises you can do, quality rather than quantity is key here.

To make it harder use a wider grip, before you get to the top pause, move your head to the right as close to your fist as possible, do the same on the left then raise your head over the bar.

For the hardcore version rather than just pulling up to your chin, pull up to your lower chest area and in one motion pull up above the bar, now do a dip.

bodyweight workout

A great core workout that can really help you in overall strength and posture.



When performing squats keep your hands behind your head and aim to go as low as you can comfortably. Contract your abs before your descend keeping your back straight, now squat deeply as if you are sat in a chair.

To make it harder, when you reach the bottom of the squat jump as high as you can, this will hone your nervous system and improve muscle response.

For the ultimate version of this, start with your feet shoulder width apart, kick your right foot off the ground behind you and hold it. Now drop into a squat.. For even more difficulty perform a one legged squat with the other leg out in front of you, keep it high as you lower down, keep going until you get your butt two inches from the floor.

Try to get all of these exercises done in 15 minutes and see how many of them you can do, no matter the number you do you will still hit 100 muscles trying, building strength and endurance. You can also alternate this workout with a 30 minute bodyweight circuit program. Please feel free to comment below.

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