The Best 10min HIIT Treadmill Workout

Gain Muscle Have an active rest day but not an off day.

When HiiT (High-Intensity Interval Training) first came along it gained rapid popularity as the greatest way to burn fat and hold on to muscle, people quickly became disillusioned with there treadmill. The long-distance speed walk workouts suddenly didn’t seem so great, the treadmill is not obsolete however, the treadmill is a great fat-burning tool.

By using High-Intensity specifics in your treadmill workout you will burn much more fat in far less time.

The Benefits Of HIIT

HIIT Treadmill Workout

The great benefits of HIIT can mean you can bulk and stay trim at the same time.

A short high-intensity session is all about your post-recovery phase. The harder you are training, the higher your heart and metabolic rate will be which equates to more calories burned even during the rest period.

Does HiiT really offer anymore than ordinary steady cardio?, many articles have shown HiiT to burn off 9 times more calories than traditional cardio based workouts and keep the metabolism boosted for upto 24 hours afterwards.


HiiT works by burning fat and keeping the muscle through a stop-start system that can be used on almost any exercise, as the name suggests, HiiT is a high-intensity calorie torching period mixed with low-intensity rest periods that can be done in as little as 10 mins.

When you have finished your weight training regime, try this little workout to help torch even more bellyfat.

lose bodyfat

Cardio is the key to both fitness and health but also great body tone.

The Workout

This workout takes 10 mins, do a light jog for 3 mins and then perform one of the workout levels below, finally walking for a further 3 mins to cooldown.

Beginner: 20 seconds work and 40 secs rest, times 10*.

Intermediate: 30 seconds work and 30 seconds recovery times 10*.

Advanced: 40 seconds work and 20 seconds recovery times 10*.

* Does not include the 3 min warm up and cooldown sessions.

If you can easily do the advanced section then try this on an incline or even a stationary bike.

HIIT Treadmill Workout

Getting the perfect toned body is just a matter of hard work.

Work And Rest Ratio

The ideal ratio for workout to recovery is 50% recovery of the workout time as in the advanced option, if you are finding this difficult, try the longer rest periods in the easier options.


Doing It Post-Workout

There is great benefit to be had from doing this after your workout resistance training, this quickly depletes your carb stores to get your body in fat-burning mode much faster, this workout should’nt be used after a hard leg session or if trying to bulk up, it is only really to get nice and lean.


It isn’t really about what piece of equipment you use but more like how you use it, you can get the same workout whether on a static bike, treadmill, set of stairs or even on a football field. People will always have preferences on workout styles and not like certain methods. The great thing about interval training is that you are working at your max output for the required time. You will get better results if doing your favorite type of training, so just choose the right equipment for you and get going!.

I am confident that with HIIT treadmill or other equipment workouts implemented into your routine you will see amazing results.


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