The Best Beginners Kettlebell Workout Guide

Kettlebell workout for beginners

A few of my close friends have been asking me for the last couple of weeks about a guide to kettlebell workouts, not just any guide but one tailored towards beginners that they can do just a few hours per week, well I have written one for them to look at and take on board which you now can use for your own benefit.

This workout features the benefits of dumbbell training along with a high intensity cardio workout that will build muscle, increase power and make you leaner.

More than a century ago Russian lifters were using kettlebells, cannonball weights with thick handles.

It’s only of recent times that America is catching on with them, they feature all the benefits of dumbbells but with more benefits themselves. The thick handle helps with grip and the position of the handle requires pure core training to master.

The best thing about them is that they are so versatile, you can do explosive exercises that workout major muscle groups, burn some bodyfat and build up power.

You can also add in old school moves like chest presses and flys, You don’t need a full length wall rack to get a great workout, one pair of them will be enough, use them on a regular basis and you will develop the body you have always wanted.

Kettlebell beginner workouts

Kettlebell exercises can really help you build your strength and cut the fat.

Why It Works So Well

Because the weight of the kettlebell is well below the handle it does make it much more difficult to control, your grip, core etc. all get a much harder workout than you would do with just a plain old dumbbell.

Even doing standard dumbbell moves give you more than normal, the extra muscle activity makes your body burn more calories, join that with the exercises that target the whole body, this then gives a workout that gives you  a significant weight loss.

This workout targets the chest, shoulders, core , grip and legs. Remember this workout is beginner level so if you have experience with kettlebells already then you may find this too easy, but if you fancy a change to your regular workout then give this a try.

kettlebell workout for beginners

Using kettlebell workouts can have a serious impact on weight loss for anybody.

How You Do it

This workout should be performed twice a week and done as a circuit, performing one set for each, one after another. Rest as you need between each set. If this is all new to you, perform two circuits, if you have more experience then 3 to 5 sets will do the trick, choose a suitable weight that allows you to perform 12 – 15 reps per exercises.

kettlebell workout beginners guide

The Workout

1. Swing – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and grab a hold of the kettlebell with both hands, bend you hips back and swing the kettlebell back between your legs, pause a moment then powerfully swing the bell back forwards to shoulder level.

2. Squat – Get your feet shoulder width apart holding the kettlebell at eye level so you can see through the handle. Keep your back straight and squat down to the floor as low as you can.

3. Shelf – Stand with feet outside shoulder width apart, have the kettlebell on the floor on your right hand side.Get your back into a natural arch, pivot your feet to the right and bend down to pick the bell up by the handle, as you rise back up, pivot and twist to the left and bring the bell up stopping when at chest height, finally return the weight to the floor.

4. Power To The People – Place the bell in your right hand and extend it overhead, lower your arm whilst raising your right knee so that your knee and elbow almost touch. Extend your knee and arm again, complete all reps on one side then swap sides and repeat.

5. Row – Get yourself into an athletic stance and let your arms hang with a kettlebell in each, row the bells to your side whilst rotating your palms forwards.

6. Curl – Hold a bell in each hand and stand with your arms down by your sides, curl the weights up and then lower back down.

7. Chest Press – On a bench with a kettlebell in each hand at chest level lay on your back. raise the weights over your chest and then return back down.

8. Fly – As you did in the press, hold the bells over your chest but turn your palms to face each other, lower your arms away from you so your body forms a t-shape, squeeze your pecs as you bring your arms back up in a hugging motion.

9. Situp – Lay on your back on the floor with knees bent, hold the bell on it’s base just below chest level. Contract your abs to sit up and press the weight in front of you, don’t lock your elbows out in the process and then lower back down.

10. Russian Twist – Hold the bell as you did in the situp except this time raise your body so that it’s 45 degrees to the floor, extend your arms in front of you and twist to the side and then twist to the other.

That’s it, the 10 step program guide for beginners in using a kettlebell to full advantage in a workout, use this twice a week and start noticing results very quickly.

kettlebell workouts beginners guide


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