The Best Exercise You Can Do To Lose Lower Belly Fat

Let's get that flab sorted with some serious pilates inspired exercises.
Your ‘Rectus Abdominis Muscle’ or ‘Lower Abs’ cover your entire mid-section and connect at your pelvis, women and men alike are always searching for the perfect exercise plan to help eliminate that dreaded belly pooch, it seems now the search is over! These exercises will target multiple abdominal muscles so you will maximize the burn with every rep you do and seriously help lose that lower belly fat.

Workout Specifics:

Do the required no. of sets and reps for each exercise, taking a short 45-60 second rest in between sets, perform the workout on non-consecutive days 3 to 4 times per week. A great option is to add a few of your favorite exercises from this routine onto the end of your cardio or strength training session.

All you will need to get started is a mat or towel.

Having great focus when doing the exercises will see great results, use your mind to focus on the exercise at hand, concentrate on the muscle movement itself and see the results for yourself which will show great improvement very quickly.

The 90-Degree Static Press

This is a great workout anytime you are wanting to squeeze in an extra ab workout outside of your normal routine and also helps wake up your core before an exercise.

First lie on your back face up with your knees and arms bent at a 90-degree angle, feet flexed. Next extend your arms outwards and press both of your palms into your thighs. Now take a nice deep cleansing breath inwards, as you breathe out tense your abs nice and tight as you push your lower back into the floor and your thighs into the palm of your hands, push back against them causing resistance, your legs should not move at all during this exercise, hold for 1 count and then release, perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

Get those abs working hard with this 90-degree static press

If you are finding it a bit to easy and want to make this a bit more challenging then as you breathe out

lift your head and shoulders off of the floor, then lower your upper body back down as you breathe in.

Mind over muscle tip: During the exercise, imagine you are ‘zipping’ up your muscles from your pelvic are

a to your belly button (imagine a pair of tight jeans you are trying to squeeze into as you draw your muscles tighter).

Resisted Single Leg Stretch

This exercise will surely work your abs out nice and tight.

This move comes from Pilates and utilizes the same pressing action as the static press to give an e

ven greater engagement of your abdominal muscles, the added weight of your extended leg provides more of a challenge.

To do this exercise lie on your back as before with both knees bent into your chest and your feet flexed. Now interlace your fin

gers on top of your right thigh and push your left leg out parallel to the floor.

Now lift your head and shoulders off the floor curling up over the top of your ribcage looking at your legs, press your palms against your right thigh and tip your pelvis to bring your right knee in towards your chest (you should feel that your legs have greater resistance because of your hands). Now switch legs and perform the same as above on your left thigh, this is one rep, perform 3 sets of 10 reps in a row.

To give yourself an extra challenge why not keep both legs straight whilst pressing onto the top of your thigh as one leg pulls in and perform a scissoring action as you switch sides.

Mind over muscle tip: As you perform each rep and push against your thigh, imagine your legs are being pulled into your chest by your abs.


This might only be a small workout but will give your abs a big workout.

This is a small movement but works your lower abs in a massive way!

Here’s what you do: sit on the floor with you feet firmly on the floor and knees bent, lean back to prop up your upper body on your elbows (your back should stay lifted off of the ground) with your palms facing downwards. Brace your abs nice and tight, lift your legs to a 90-degree angle (make your knees touch and toes pointed). Now, slowly bring your legs to the left keeping your hips on the ground, you should still have the 90-degree angle to your legs, lower your legs down and then back up to the right as if tracing a ‘U’ with your knees, perform 20 reps just like this, alternating the side each time.

If you want a bit more of a challenge try extending your legs out further or getting them straight completely.

Mind over muscle tip: Use breathing to help deepen the abs work, inhale as you sweep your legs over to one side and down, as you come up the other side, exhale and visualize your belly button pressing all the way back to your spine.

Reverse Plank Hover

Another great abs exercise. although difficult works your belly out like no other.

Another great abs exercise. although difficult works your belly out like no other.

This is an exercise that is much harder than it looks, as well as engaging your abs, it will also engage just about every other muscle in your body.

Start by sitting with your legs extended and your feet flexed, your hands should be just outside of your hips with your fingertips facing forwards, brace your abs tight and press down on your arms to lift your hips up off the floor a few inches. Now bend your knees slightly keeping your heels on the ground, inhale and pull your abs in deeper towards your back, as you exhale fully extend your legs and try to push your hips slightly behind your shoulders, hold for one count, now bend your knees and return your hips under your shoulders to gently lower to the floor, perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

If you want more of a challenge then try keeping your hips lifted off of the floor for the entire set.

Mind over muscle tip: Focus your mind on lifting your hips with your abs only, using your arms and legs for assistance only.

Criss-Cross Lift And Switch

This is yet another Pilates move that will give you that flat belly in no time!

A great pilates move to give your abs something to think about.

Lay down on your back with your arms by your sides, extend both legs up to the ceiling, now cross your right leg over your left with your toes pointed. Pull your abs in tight, inhale, now lower your legs about 45 degrees. As you breathe out, bring your legs back into your body and lift your legs overhead at an angle (as if you are aiming at the ceiling to wall join behind you), lift your hips and back off of the floor and press down with your arms for support, pause for 1 count, now slowly roll through your spine to bring your hips and legs back to the starting position, repeat this for 3 se

ts of 10 repetitions.

If you are finding this exercise tough then you can make it a little bit easier by practicing drawing your legs up and over and see if you are able to lift a couple of inches off the floor then immediately lower back down.

Mind over muscle tip: Your abs should stay pulled in to your back through the whole exercise, use the visual of ‘zipping’ your muscles from your pelvic area to your bellybutton as you lift your legs.

Inching Elbow Plank

You will feel every inch of this plank in your abs (as well as in your arms and legs too).

Begin in an elbow plank position with your hands clasped and your feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

You'll certainly feel the burn after this exercise.

Lift your hips up slightly whilst bringing your left foot towards your hands, now quickly take a step in with your right foot

lifting your hips a little more.

Now step your left foot in again, lift your hips higher and move your right foot in again so that your hips are lifted high up in peak position, now inch back out slowly reversing the way you came in until you return to the starting plank position. Do 3 sets of 5 reps of this.

To make it more challenging then take larger steps to raise your hips higher in the peak position and double the number of reps to 10.

Mind over muscle tip: Your abs should be tight during this process and as you step your foot in think of bracing your abs in tighter with each step.

Full Plank Passe Twist

Not really one for shrinking violets, will make your abs work harder than they ever have.

Not really one for shrinking violets, will make your abs work harder than they ever have.

Get your hard to target obliques working with this dynamic twist on the traditional plank pose.

Begin in a normal full plank position with both of your feet together. Now bend your right knee across to the left as you slide your right foot up the inside of your left knee into ‘passe’ position (your hips should turn left and the ball of your left foot will pivot slightly), slide your right leg back to the starting position and repeat again with your left leg, perform

3 sets of 10 reps.

Mind over muscle tip: Imagine your abs are pulling your knee up across your body and pull your abs in tighter as you lift your leg.

Frog Press

One final exercise for this plan to give your abs some serious punishment.

One final exercise for this plan to give your abs some serious punishment.

For this exercise you will be lying face up on your back with your knees bent and turned outwards, your feet flexed and heels pressed together. Take a deep breath inwards and lift your head and shoulders off of the floor, crl up over your ribcage looking at your leg, reach your arms outside of your hips off the floor with your palms facing downwards.

As you breathe out press out through your heels and move your legs out 45 degrees, squeezing the backs of your knees together, take another deep breath and bend your heels back to your body. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

To make it that bit more challenging  get your legs that bit close to the ground as you push out or even keep both legs extended outward lifting and lowering them instead of bending and extending (ensure your back remains down during the exercise).

Mind over muscle tip: Focus on your abs, force them to do the work to lift and lower your legs, be sure to keep your back pressed to the floor the entire time.

That’s it for this guide to some of the best exercise you can do to lose some of your lower belly fat, I hope it will help you moving forward with your goals and please feel free to comment below.





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