The Larry Scott Bodybuilder Arm Workout

Larry Scott Bodybuilder

Getting from skinny to strong takes time and the right steps but is worth doing.

Imagine the year 1965 on a sunny beach in California, Santa Monica actually. Arnold was still a teenager at this point and bodybuilding had not really been heard of, except in a select few cult magazines.

You would walk past the odd muscular man around 200 pounds but most of this was just pomade weight, all of a sudden Larry Scott walks by.Upon your first glance you imagine a superhero from some comic book but looking closer he looks even larger and more imposing.

His arms sort of look like an olympic gymnasts with a chest and shoulders to match.

Larry ‘The Legend’ Scott was 5 foot 9 and weighed in at 205 pounds and helped to define the very ideas of bodybuilding right around the world class competitions kicked off and went on to win the first two Mr. Olympia competition.

Scott was a sensation in the sixties when his 20 inch arms brought many new followers to this developing sport, even after retiring he worked well into his 70’s as a personal trainer and coach.

Larry Scott Bodybuilder

When building up any muscle group it is important to have the right workout to see decent results.

Building Arms Without Equal

Larry’s amazing arm development seperated him from his competition but this didn’t happen by accident. So much time was spent on a preacher bench that preacher curls became known as Scott curls which is still widely used today, he even thought of his own version for the bench known as a Scott bench.

Below is a custom workout that dates back as the early 1960’s, Scott has just moved from Idaho where he had won Mr. Idaho 1959 to Hollywood.

In Studio City he began intense training at Vince’s Gym, and his arms went from 15 to 21 inches in mere months. He then went on to win Mr. America in 1962 and as 1965 rolled around the crowds were soon chanting his name.

If you are wanting arms that will wow anybody then this routine will help build thickness and the bicep’s long head, bear in mind this will hurt as it is an advanced exercise.

Be sure that your arms are warmed up before starting.

how to build muscle

Always strive to change up your workout rep sequence where you can so you are not just doing the same old routine month after month.

The Larry Scott Arms Workout

  • Two Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps.
  • Preacher Curl – 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps.
  • Reverse Barbell Curl (EZ Bar) – 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps.

All of these movements are performed on a preacher bench. After doing six strict reps follow this with four partial reps at the end of the set. Make sure the weight you are using is difficult, after a rest period repeat for a total of 3 sets.

  • Spider Curl – 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps.

Your biceps should be burning now. Face the other way for this exercise on the preacher bench, spider curls are great as they develop the peak of your biceps. Perform the initial six reps slowly with strict technique. Followed by four partial reps at the bottom of the exercise.

Larry Scott Bodybuilder

See the results for yourself, within a few short months.


  • JM Press – 6 sets of 8 to 12 reps.
  • Overhead Triceps Extension With V-Bar (Done kneeling). 6 Sets of 8 to 12 reps.

This helps develop the big horseshoes on the back of your arms, the first exercise is a cross between a skull crusher and a close grip bench press known as a JM press. The key to this movement is to bring the bar down towards your chin so that your elbows can travel forward. Do not allow the bar to touch your chin. Perform 8 reps with strict technique and 4 partial reps.

After completion of the JM press move immediately to the triceps extension exercise, this is best performed kneeled down with your head and elbows on a bench for stability and making use of a v-bar.

With this set of exercises you can soon have your arms bulging in no time just like Larry Scott did in the sixties.

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