The Myths Around Building Muscle

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Building muscle and strength is very difficult when you do your training according to common misconceptions, I see it time and time again, people doing these things and I just think they are working for nothing almost, they will only ever see little to no gains at all.

I have put 3 of the worst things you can do and why below, make sure your not doing any of this:

Myth 1: Growth Requires Variety

build muscle

This is not true, variation is not needed to build muscle successfully.

You see it many times in the gym, someone wandering through the weights room trying out every isolation exercise going to ‘confuse’ their muscles, it is a common misconception that muscles require extreme exercise variation to hit all the different muscle groups.

Let’s put this myth to bed, muscles need tension as well as volume to grow. The tension comes from the nervous system and the brain working out that it is important to use and build more muscle up. This does not happen with isolation exercises so much, more with loading up an Olympic bar with weight and getting on with it.

To get bigger, loads a barbell with plenty of weight , not over the top and move through enough sets to put out a total of 20 to 30 reps.

Explore the many uses of barbells, and settle on exercise variations that work and continue using them. Switching programs constantly and varying your exercises limit’s your body’s ability to adapt, your body wants to adapt to the exercises not be confused by them.

Focus on deadlifts, squats, a few presses and a row, train like mad.

goblet squat

Myth 2: You Must Isolate A Muscle To Make It Grow

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Muscle Isolation is a total myth.

Doing little exercises produce little results. Tricep kickbacks and alternating dumbbell curls won’t build upper-body mass like rowing and pressing heavy. This also applies to leg extensions and leg curls, these can’t match squatting and deadlifting to build complete body mass.

Unless your in some sort of bodybuilding competition then don’t worry about isolating exercises, the pros on stage did not build there mass with minor exercises, they moved a lot of weight before sculpting anything.

Myth 3: More Is Better When It Comes To Volume

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Less Is Sometimes More.

We have all seen or been that person doing a huge amount of reps of one exercise, moving on to something else and doing the same again, this is incorrect, pointless and unproductive.

It seems that more is better when you think about it, this is not the case however, an over the top exercise amount actually limits training intensity by putting volume too high. Training progression becomes much more difficult with constant exercise changes and volume increases, progression comes form understanding what your body needs and adjusting your workout to suit, not doing hundreds of the same exercise.

It does take volume to grow, this is a fact but this must be accompanied by training intensity as well, huge amounts of reps and sets can pull us away from basic exercises that build strong solid frames which limits long-term progress, building muscle doesn’t have to be impossible but just stop doing a few mistakes and find it much easier for yourself. Please feel free to comment below.

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