The Top 25 Songs For Working Out

Top Songs For Working Out

People like these guys will really help you get into the right mind set for powering through the weight rack.

This is a list I have always used successfully down the gym and is my definitive top 25 songs for working out when I want to squeeze that last set out or push a little more weight.

These songs will really get your blood pumping, really motivate you and get that adrenaline flowing through your veins:, play them loud, there’s a bit of everything like rock, rap etc. so take a look:

25. Iron Man – Black Sabbath

An amazing song for when you want to lift like a mad man, this is really a tune that helped define heavy metal. If it helps you get that extra rep in then all the better.

24. Instant Karma (We All Shine On) – John Lennon

This is a great song for getting motivated, this was produced by Phil Spector with George Harrison on guitar, it was recorded on the same day that it was written and then released a mere 10 days later, it is sure to make you move quickly too.

23. Piece Of My Heart – Janis Joplin

This is the only female entry in our list (This isn’t including LL cool J’s mama). Janis went for passion over pitch with this track as listeners are ordered to take it, well what are you waiting for?

22. Time For Some Aksion – Redman

Even Mike Tyson loved this song, once choosing as a side track whilst stepping into the ring for the first fight after serving time, the booming beats and great lyrics will get you seriously hyped.

21. Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

Plant’s ungodly vocals and Bonham’s thunderstorm drumming will have you pumping iron like a berserk Viking.

20. Rip This Joint – Rolling Stones

Jagger may have a face like Dorian Grey downhill but has the body of someone who does a lot of cardio and here is why. The song is relatively short at 2:22 but it does put you in the mood for some serious work, whether that’s a treadmill or smith machine.

Top Songs For Working Out

Prepare to get the most out of your workout when listening to these great tunes.

19. Droppin Plates – Disturbed

They talk about music like a weapon which is how I see it in a construction sort of way of course, the song is heavy on rage and a really good weight lifting title.

18. The Ride Of The Val-Kyries – Richard Wagner

This powerful composition plays a large role in Apocalypse now, set the volume high and you might just get that personal best.

17. Walk – Pantera

On days when you are struggling to get mean then get the walk on, maybe as in walking through a brick wall, this is a locker room fave about a back stabbing friend that will hit a nerve somewhere.

16. So What’Cha Want – Beastie Boys

There is a reason this is from the groups best-selling album ‘Solid Gold Hits’, it mixes old school soul groove with hip hop which really helps you dig that last scrap of energy from the bottom of the barrel.

15. Chest Day – Frank Zane

You really can be inspired by an actual bodybuilder here – three-time Mr.Olympia. Ver Dylan esque in a muscle head kind of way.

14. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

This great band has put out plenty of great workout tracks (Under Pressure, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions), this comes out above the rest with its heavy bass and brash sentiment.

13. Lose Yourself – Eminem

Some people don’t like Eminem very much but this tune really is noteworthy for a workout, pulsating bass line, mesmerizing lyrics and the message is Ali-esque. Don’t let anyone talk you out of getting what you want.

12. Right Now – Korn

This is Nu-Metal at it’s finest, a great classic with lyrics that help promote the right attitude to really punish those weights.

11. Move B***h – Ludacris

We have all been in the situation where someone is dawdling hogging the bench, when you do finally get settled in send that rage into extra reps.

Best Songs For Working Out

Disturbed are a firm favorite when it comes to breaking through plateaus and getting the best from your workout.

10. 1812 Overture – Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Even if you think of classical music as the Black Crowes you will know this booming composition, Tchaikovsky himself said it was not artistic but when you have cannons who cares?

9. Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti/The Rocky Orchestra

Some songs eventually become great training companions or they are already great, this particular song from Rocky is definitely the latter, hearing those trumpets makes you want to put on your tracksuit, climb several hundred steps after downing 6 eggs raw.

8. Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J

LL’s rep was at the lowest point when he launched this song onto the hip-hop scene, thumping bass and scorching beats will help you reclaim that aggression.

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

The guy next to you is sucking in air like an overweight marathon runner whilst you are pumping out muscle-building dumbbell rows, this is because your ears are being assaulted by the inspiring sounds of Kurt Cobain.

6. Hit ‘Em Up – 2 Pac

As scathing as it is explicit, this was 2 Pac’s verbal assault on Notorious B.I.G. whilst bragging about sleeping with a certain someone’s wife, this song brims with anger and cockiness for when you need extra help in the gym.

Best Songs For Working Out

Black Sabbath also have some amazing vocals and guitar sections for when you are really wanting to pump it up.

5. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor

This was classed as hard rock in the 80’s and lyrics were really cheesy, but it did work for Rocky so will work for you.

4. Fight The Power – Public Enemy

Gives you exactly the mindset you need to enter the gym, powerful lyrics, shattering bass and staccato beats will have you in an aggressive state ready to tackle that first set with gusto.

3. Back In Black – AC/DC

Nothing is more masculine than this little number, Back In Black will be cranked up for as long as there is a sound system.

2. Enter Sandman – Metallica

Heavy riffs and rhythms, really is the ultimate song when training heavy, when listening to Lars Ulrich smash those drums you just get some serious motivation to hit the weights.

Best Songs For Working Out

Sometimes you just need a bit of extra motivation to help you over the top and this sort of music provides just that.

1. Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N Roses

When you think about it the gym is a jungle, with Axl’s snarling vocals and Slash’s impressionable power chords, they will have you repping like a mad man. If you want proof this really is the ultimate song then think about this, when Dorian Yates was training for his six Mr.O titles this song was nearly always played on leg days.

These in my opinion really are some of the top songs for working out and they will surely help you out when you are struggling to squeeze out that last rep.


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