Using Acupressure For Weight Loss

acupressure weight loss

Using acupressure you too can see some great results with simple techniques.

Acupressure has proven itself time and again in helping people with there weight loss. Weight loss is a major drain for most people nowadays, because weight loss can be so hard many people start getting stressed and depressed with it.

Always on people’s mind but with little results to show for it, in fact the pressure to lose weight is increasing every day with celebrities and tv etc.

Acupressure could be seen as magic, there is no need for stressful nights or hard nosed exercise, applying a little pressure on the special meridian energy points on the body that expel excess heat and moisture, this improves circulation and aids weight loss, it can also strengthen your digestive system and help you to control your appetite.

acupressure weight loss

Starting these easy to do quick techniques can take you to a new lighter life.

Special Techniques

Stress can make eating disorders much worse, lowering your stress levels is well worth it, this can be done with the help of acupressure points. By paying a little bit of attention to your food and practicing acupressure daily you will see the best results.

It works best when practicing the techniques for half an hour every day. The pressure points discussed below are the main points in the body for losing weight, you start by massaging these areas first and then applying pressure for the given amount of time, finish the session with another light massage on the area. When you find a particular pressure point on one side of the body, find the same pressure point on the other side and massage it, this will increase the chances of weight  loss.


This weight loss program concentrates on self massage to help the digestive system function efficiently and lower food cravings, this in turn will give you a balanced appetite and an increased awareness of what you eat.

acupressure weight loss

Stop doing all those excessive crunches, put pressure on your abs.

Abdomen Pressure

This point is found exactly 3cm below the belly button, this enhances the digestive function, giving your body strength. It can also reduce constipation, this is a very effective point for losing weight. Place two fingers on it and massage your fingers up and down followed by pressing the point for 2 mins twice a day.

Abdominal Sorrow

This is in line with your ear lobe, near the end of your ribcage you will locate the abdomen sorrow point. This is usually found under the last rib, this point relieves you of indigestion and any ulcers, rib pain and appetite imbalances, curve your fingers and press down here for 5 mins everyday.

acupressure weight loss

Amazing what pressing on your ear can do.

Ear Point

This point located in your ear helps control appetite. Place your finger against the jaw and move the jaw up and down. Find the correct point that has the most movement and press this for one minute.


Knee Point

This helps the stomach to function correctly, by increasing digestion and nourishing the blood. 2 inches below the knee cap on the outer side leg. Apply pressure here for one minute with your fore finger. You will feel the muscle move when you flex your foot up or down, this is the correct spot, press here for 2 mins every day.

Elbow Point

On the inner side of the elbow crease you will find the large intesting point located at the end. This removes excess heat and moisture from the body as it stimulates intestine functionm. Press for a minute every day, be sure to use your thumb to ensure you get enough pressure on this point.

The Ankle

This point is for the spleen, this strengthens your digestive system. This is found on the inner side of the leg 2 inches above your ankle, just off the bone. Pressing it regularly will create a better function of the digestive system, apply pressure for a minute with your thumb or knuckle for best results.

acupressure weight loss

Eating lots of fruit and veg can aid weight loss when used with acupressure.

In Conclusion

If you use all of the above techniques you can release the flow of energy through all of your organs, these especially effect the functions of the spleen meridians and the stomach. This energy helps balance the digestive system, compulsive eating urges and appetite. These can play a great role in your weight loss plan.

Acupressure is also great for healing bodycells and repairing them too, these cells help in restoring parts of your body.

Acupressure is gaining great popularity, this is one of the most accessible treatments in the world and can be done almost anywhere, please feel free to comment below, try acupressure yourself and see weight loss happen much easier than ever before.


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