Using Juice Fasting For Weight Loss

Juice fasting for weight loss

How many calories do you suppose you need to stay healthy? And can you use juice fasting as an affective weight loss solution?

The statistic nowadays is 2000 calories for an average adult to maintain health and remain active. This is not an exact science as someone who exercises a lot like an athlete or bodybuilder is going to require a lot more calories to keep going, so will probably consume over 2000 a day, whereas a couch potato who does little to no exercise will require significantly less, obviously consuming many calories and not burning them off will result in weight gain.

So, 2000 calories, that number sounds a lot right?. I bet if you counted that how many calories you had consumed in a day most people would have had that much by 4 pm!.

Many people have taken to counting every little calorie consumed, be it a muffin or a cup of tea. There are now many brilliant apps that you can get for your smartphone that will do the calorie counting for you, just put in what you have had in a day and it will work the rest out and show you conclusive results, just check on your app store and see what the best reviewed ones are on there.

Juice fasting has been known to work very well for weight loss when it is done right and has even been known to improve overall health as well. It is most effective when used in place of those fatty meals you are used to, you obviously eat because you are hungry but the juicing fast solves the hunger pangs problem by keeping snacking in between meals at bay.

Juice fasting for weight loss

Juice fasting with fruit and veg and shred pounds from your frame.

So Where Do I Start?

This is definitely something you should approach with common sense.

The first thing you should do is consult your doctor so you can see if this new diet will interfere with any medication you are currently taking, any diabetes or kidney disease, These are things you should definitely ask about. For instance if you are diabetic and you drink a lot of fruit juices, then it is going to make your blood sugar level spike, not something you want to happen. Juice also contains lots of minerals like potassium which can build up to dangerous levels in the blood stream if you have kidney problems so it is worth consulting your doctor first.

If your doctor gives you the all clear then great let’s get started, it is a very good idea to plan how you are going to go about juicing, you want juicing and weight loss to go hand in hand as part of your lifestyle as a crash juice diet is not a good idea.

Anything more than two weeks is not going to be of any benefit to you, there’s a reason we all need a balanced diet, to stay healthy of course!, don’t forget you need protein and fiber too.

The best thing to do if you are planning to do this long term is to slowly get used to juicing and get started on a 3 to 5 day juice fast, your body won’t be shocked so much and you can actually make it a habit you enjoy. We like doing things we enjoy and enjoying something reinforces your habit, gradual weight loss is much better and longer lasting than crash dieting and works much  better.

Fruit juice contains a lot of calories so if you are looking for weight loss results, aim for green juices rather than fruit, start collecting some good recipes now for good juices you can make.

Juicing is good for you as it gives you lots of vitamins and minerals, gets rid of bad food habits and also give your digestive system a break. if your doing this for weight loss, then keep your fasts short and sweet for maximum results.

Here are a few recipes below to get you started, you will need 6 glasses of juice per day to sustain your diet, a good idea is 2 smoothies and 4 juices to keep your hunger at bay, have a good variety too so you don’t get bored. The best weight loss ingredients are Kale, Cabbage, Broccoli, Spinach and other similar vegetables, add fruit  to give it a sweet taste.

juice fasting for weight loss

Sample Juices

Cabbage Orange Juice

This will make one glass and takes about 5 mins to make,

Peel two oranges

1/2 a cabbage

1 Peeled carrot

1 Inch Ginger

1/2 Juiced lemon

Juice all the ingredients and juice the lemon last, stir then add some ice and drink immediately.

Cool Kale Juice

Makes 1 glass and takes minutes to prepare,

3 cups of Kale leaves

1 Sweet potato

Add all ingredients to a juicer and drink immediately

Spinach And Carrot Juice

Makes 1 glass and takes minutes to prepare,

1/2 Fresh pineapple

3 Peeled big carrots

1 Cup of chopped spinach

Add all ingredients to a juicer and drink immediately.

Try out this new juice fasting plan today and see some great weight loss effects after only two weeks.


Juice fasting for weight loss

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