Using Self Hypnosis To Lose Weight

warm up exercise Getting plenty of rest is vital to having a good workout as well, worth taking note.

You will probably wonder like many people how they are hypnotized, are they suggestive in order for it to happen?, Anybody can be hypnotized if done correctly, self-hypnosis is easily usable, here is how to use it to your advantage and gain help losing weight:

 Step 1: Get Nice And Comfortable

You can sit anywhere that you find comfortable (bed, sofa, armchair etc.), make sure your head and neck are supported and that you won’t be disturbed.

Step 2; Play Gentle Music

Find something instrumental only without words, this can help you relax more when trying to self-hypnotize.


Step 3: Nice Gentle Breaths

Start by closing your eyes and taking in a couple of nice deep breaths, slowly breathe back out and as you do so allow your muscles to fully relax from your head downwards.

how stress affects weight loss.

Lots can be done to reduce stress, self-hypnosis is one of them.

Step 4: De-stress

Slowly imagine that all the little muscles all over your body starting with head downwards are gradually releasing all stress and tension, say comforting words to yourself such as ‘As I relax and relieve all my tension, my body is becoming more relaxed’.

Step 5: Work Downwards

Slowly make your way down your body, keeping your shoulders nice and loose, down to your hips, thighs and out through your feet, keep telling yourself that everything is fine and that you are relaxed.

Step 6: Chilled Out

You should now feel completely relaxed and chilled out, your mind should be focused on self-hypnosis now.

Step 7: The Deepener

This is the process which will take you into the hypnosis fully. Start out imagining being at the top of a flight of stairs, 10 steps in total, imagine walking down the staircase but as you do, countdown and with each step you drift a bit further into relaxation.

self hypnosis weight loss

Using self-hypnosis can have great results on your health and well being.

Step 8: In A State Of Hypnosis

You should now be in hypnosis, feeling either heavy or floaty, you may even see a light or some bright colors.

Step 9: Go Through The Door

Picture a door to your subconscious in front of you, this door will allow you to talk straight to your subconscious. Push the door open, go in the room and have a look around, this room could be a beach house, a room out of your  own home, a beautiful holiday spot, whatever it is, this is your ‘safe place’, you can come here whenever you want to make changes in your life or just to relax.

Step 10: Start The Talk

Now is the time to chat with your subconscious, one thing to remember however is that your subconscious takes everything literally so make it all positive.


Step 11: The Right Words

A good example of this is say you are wanting to lose weight as you are, something you might say is ‘as each hour passes your resolve will get stronger’. Never say something like ‘I always eat sweets, you need to stop that’, your subconscious would most likely hear ‘I always eat sweets’.

self hypnosis weight loss

Imagine this fantastic sight when thinking of your ‘safe place’.

Step 12: What Else You Can Say

Some other positive statements to look at are (also make a list of your own):

  • ‘I feel more confident on a healthy eating plan’.
  • ‘I am much happier now that I am getting the results I wanted’.
  • ‘I feel great when I look in the mirror and see great results’.
  • I will no longer eat (problem food here) as I do not like it and prefer fresh properly made food.

Step 13: Positivity

Your subconscious will hear these suggestions and take them on board.

Step 14: Write A List Of Your own Suggestions

Step 15: Time To End

So we’ve finished what we needed to do and now need to wake up from our hypnosis, this is done by counting back up from 5 – 1, this is done something like this.

self hypnosis weight loss

Awaken gradually without stress or sudden movements.

Step 16: Steps To Wake Up

5. Starting to realize your surroundings, 4. Your limbs are waking up, 3. You can move your hands and feet a little, 2. Your almost all the way up now and 1. Open your eyes, feeling fantastic!.


Step 17: Practice Makes Perfect

The more you do this the better you will get and the deeper hypnosis you will go into.

You see, self-hypnosis for weight loss is no mystery, quite the opposite in fact.


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