Weight Loss Made Easy

Bodybuilding You can never expect instant results with weight loss or bodybuilding but the results do come with patience.

Losing weight is never easy, it always takes motivation, determination and hard work. Just making a few small changes can soon get the ball rolling and get you losing weight.

weight loss made easy

Be careful what you put into your body, this can effect your waistline massively.

Change no. 1 – What You Eat


Let us first look at making some small changes to your diet:

Eliminate or heavily reduce your intake of red meat

Cutting down the amount of red meat like burgers in your diet will help massively with losing weight, by eating meals consisting of meat and poultry you are helping to keep many restaurant and fast food bad choices at bay. When preparing your meals be aware of high calorie dressings like mayo, special sauce etc.

Cut Out Fried Foods

Keep things truly healthy by baking, grilling, roasting, broiling, boiling or grilling them. You can still have interesting meals using low-cal dressings, things like a light bbq sauce for chicken or some lemon-herb dressing for broiled fish.

Be sure to keep your kitchen well stocked up on herbs and spices to keep all of you meals interesting without adding any additional calories or fat, and if you have the means then grow your own herb garden.

Value and ready meals may seem like good value but they are not worth the extra calories and fat, if you are in a rush then try a grilled cheese sandwich or plain burger.

weight loss made easy

Eating some soup or salad will help you feel fuller and less likely to binge.

Start with a soup or salad

Having a cup of soup or a salad can help you lose loads of pounds in the long run, they can also curb your appetite, prevent overeating and control portion sizes.

Choose a broth or tomato based soup, minestrone is ideal. a vegetable based soup is even better as the veggies will give you an energy boost and help fill you up better.

Add some low-cal dressing like balsamic vinegar or low cal salad dressing, having salad before every mealĀ  will also help with fiber which will make you feel fuller sooner, be sure to have lots of veg and dark green mixes like spinach in the salads.

Finish with fruit

Instead of just having some cake or cookies after a meal be sure to finish each meal with a piece of fruit instead, you will save on all the fat and calories as well as getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.

lose body fat fast

What you drink also effects your weight too, many liquid calories are consumed without you even realizing,

Change no. 2 – What you drink

If you drink sweetened beverages of any kind then you will need to include these in your daily calorie intake diary, the amount of liquid calories you consume in a day may shock you.

Say goodbye to cola

if you drink fizzy drinks regularly then you will probably shocked to learn how many calories in liquid form you consume, a good example is for every 20 oz. of cola you consume it equates to 250 calories, a few glasses a day could see you easily consume 1,000 calories.

If you were looking to cut your calories down to around 1,500 per day to lose weight you could have blown the whole days calorie amount on some soda. When you add up all the calories you actually eat and then add up all these empty calories found in drinks you soon start to realize what a waste of time sugary drinks are as they just go straight to your waistline.

Imagine if you traded in all those sugary drinks for just water, think of all the calories you would save, 3,500 calories equals one pound.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You are probably tired of hearing the same old thing constantly but it is important to drink plenty of water, aiming for at least 8 glasses per day. Drinking water will help you cut down on drinking sugary drinks, you will soon crave water more than fizzy drinks once you get used to it, not even bothering with the sugary stuff.

Go a couple of days without fizzy drink, drinking only water and then go back to one and be surprised how overly sweet it tastes.

food additives to avoid

Diet drinks actually cause cancer and weight gain, not what you want.

Diet drink dilemma

Switching over to diet sodas might sound like the perfect solution to this problem, however there is an issue with artificial sweeteners effect on weight loss. In the mid 80’s, the safety of artificial sweeteners was called into question, a study published in a medical journal found that artificial sweeteners can actually increase appetite.

More recent studies suggest that artificial sweeteners can cause sweet food cravings to increase, this could set you up for making poor food choices. This could be very bad for you if you tend to binge on high fat, high calorie food.

Mineral water is king

They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing, alcoholic beverages are very high in calories and can also lead to out of control eating, it is best to cut them out altogether if you can or drastically reduce them.

Change no. 3 – What You Do

bodyweight workout

Any sort of exercise is good, start out easy and work up to something harder.

Here are some behaviors that will help you stay on track with losing weight and staying focused.


Keeping a diary

This is certainly no better tool for managing your weight effectively, regularly keeping a food journal will show you your problem areas, your worst times of day and what starts off your food binges.

It is a good idea to keep a food journal for at least a couple of weeks to see your usual habits.

Control your emotional eating

If you sometimes suffer with emotional eating it is a good idea to keep track of your feelings in the food diary as well, you should record all your thoughts before, during and after eating, look over your notes to see what sets you off most.

If you can’t cope with stress or sadness with binge eating then you are an emotional eater. Be sure to make an appointment with a therapist or doctor.

Cognitive behavior therapy is very effective at dealing with emotional over eating.

l-carnitine weight loss

Learning about nutrition can make your weight loss that much more successful.

Learn about nutrition

Learn as much as you can about nutrition through websites, classes and books.

weight loss made easy.

Start a new life now and leave the old lazy stuff behind.

Get moving

This doesn’t mean go do a 1 hour aerobics session immediately, just start with 10 mins brisk walking every other day, any sort of activity is better than nothing, as soon as you feel more comfortable and ready add more time on and more frequent walks. If you have any health problems be sure to consult your doctor first.

Weight loss can be made very easy with a few simple steps as above, I wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to check out my other articles on healthy diets and exercise plans and also to comment below.


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