Which Exercise Bike Is Best For You?

Arguably the most popular piece of home exercise equipment has to be the exercise bike. Fitness fads and fashions come and go but the trusty exercise bike has stood the test of time. In fact as far back as the eighteenth century, health conscious individuals were using machines such as the Gymnasticon – an early version of today’s stationary bike – in order to get fit and healthy.


An early Exercise fitness bike – The Gymnaticon.

Fast forward to the present day and there are all manner of styles of bike to choose from. From spinning bikes which exercise calories away to the most basic foldaway models – the fitness market is saturated. Of course, the way in which you are to use the apparatus, for example regularly or just from time to time will have an impact on the style and indeed price you go for. It is with this in mind that we are going to look at a few which are available on the market right now.

Pedal Exercisers

The pedal exerciser or mini exercise bike is not an actual exercise cycle per se. It is in fact nothing more than a set of pedals with some resistance however these machines are excellent for those who have been unwell, are elderly or infirm or who just want to build their legs up a little.

These machines work by the user sitting in a chair and pedalling. The pedals can also be rotated by the hand for a gentle upper body form of exercise. A cheap option but not for individuals who are interested in calorie burning exercises alone. Just ensure that you purchase one which is weighted at the bottom in order to minimise slippage out of position when exercising.

Pedal exercisers are generally around the £20 – £30 mark.

Exercise Bikes for the Fitness Enthusiast


There are some excellent pieces of equipment available to buy online nowadays.

The We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is available in black from Amazon

The We R Sports Fitness Bike.

The We R Sports Fitness Bike.

Available right now at a hefty discount really looks the part as well as delivering all its fitness promises.

So what do you get for your £200?

A highly functional and good weight bearing piece of equipment which improves your cardiovascular fitness and can be used for event training. With a robust steel frame to compliment the comfort of its deeply padded seat this bike with its 13 kg flywheel and adjustable handlebars is also equipped with an emergency stop system. The added bonus of coming complete with an exercise monitor which keeps track of speed, distance, scan, time and those all important burned calories really helps you to take control of and stay focussed on your fitness goals.

An excellent spin bike which can be constructed in around 40 minutes and which offers very smooth resistance which can be fine tuned as you like it, the reviews of this particular model state that it is even better than a professional spin class bike. A real winner in our opinion.

Another very popular model is the Body Sculpture BC1700 Exercise Bike in the silver/black colour way,




Bodysculpture BC1700

Priced on Amazon right now at under £90, this is a great magnetic resistance bike which is computerised, has a pulse monitor, is fully adjustable with a deluxe saddle and eight levels of resistance. Maximum user weight for this piece of equipment is 100kg and user reviews are on the whole extremely positive. All in all a great value and robust bike which ticks all the boxes.

The third and final bike we looked at was the OLYMPIC 313 EXERCISE BIKE which at £59.99 is at the real budget end of the scale.313fzR8aYmL


So what do you or don’t you get for your money? Well this 11kg silver and black bike boasts an adjustable seat, a display with calories burned, distance, speed and so on and is easy to assemble although the frame, as one would expect with a budget bike, is not so durable. It is relatively easy to break certain parts of the bike when assembling due to their lack of fitting together well. However for a compact cycle and with light use, there should be no real problems. This model would probably not stand up to hard training programmes.

To conclude, more often than not you get what you pay for and the first two models certainly do have more pros for serious exercise enthusiasts than the very low budget cycle.

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