Why Darkness May Help You Lose Weight

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Want to lose weight the easy way? Then turn out the lights. The sleep-inducing hormone melatonin can help your body to produce a type of calorie-burning fat according to a recent study by leading Spanish and American scientists which was published in the journal of pineal research.

In the study, the scientists fed 16 rats an identical diet except for one mild difference, some rats drank melatonin enhanced water whilst others just drank regular water. The researchers studied each animals body at the end of the study to determine the number of white and brown fat cells. (White fat cells store more fat and promote weight gain, whereas brown fat cells actually help burn off excess bodyfat).

It was found that the rats that drank the melatonin enhanced water had more brown fat cells in there bodies than white cells, there diets did not change during this test, the well-known professor Russell Reiter PH.D, a co-author of the study who works at the university of Texas department for cellular and structural biology said ‘melatonin can spark brown fat cell production and even convert some white cells into brown’.

Effect Transfer To Humans

Reiter believes these effects could be transferable to humans, melatonin could very well be the hidden part of the puzzle to losing weight without dieting, older research has suggested cold temperatures and exercise could also trigger the production of brown cells, supplementing these results with melatonin is much easier especially considering you don’t have to freeze to death or work your ass off to see results.Reiter also states that melatonin is much safer than over the counter pain killers that you can buy anywhere, it is usually prescribed to promote healthy sleep but does not give you drowsiness like sleeping tablets do.

A good night's sleep in complete darkness can help boost your melatonin levels naturally..

A good night’s sleep in complete darkness can help boost your melatonin levels naturally..

Human studies have yet to be conducted so it is unknown on the quantity of melatonin required to see any results, however there is some hope, your body produces this chemical naturally when in complete darkness, to boost your body’s natural melatonin level then simply sleep in complete darkness, purchase some decent black out blinds or curtains, dispose of the that night light and keep your phone/tablet etc. off until the morning, if you are considering taking some melatonin supplements to help boost your levels of it, then make sure you consult your doctor first to be sure of no adverse side effects.

I hope this article on darkness and melatonin to lose weight has been helpful, please feel free to comment below with any ideas or experiences you may have.






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  1. Laura Warrentile // March 2, 2014 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    When i first read the title i thought what a load of crap but now that you explain some of the science behind it, kind of makes sense.

    • Please feel free to ask further questions if you are unsure of anything, i’m always here to help.


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