Why Weight Loss And Pregnancy Do Not Mix

weight loss after pregnancy Losing weight just like Kim after pregnancy is not easy but can be done with the right know how and attitude.

It is common belief that women gain weight during pregnancy, that’s a given, sometimes as much as dozens of pounds.

Being overweight prior to pregnancy can lead to many complications further down the line, many women are of the understanding that it is in there own and there child’s best interest to lose some weight during pregnancy, however some medical professionals believe that the opposite is true.

Dr. Patrick Catalano, director for reproductive health at the Metrohealth health center in Cleveland states that ‘Many people recommend weight loss during pregnancy, particularly for very obese women, however this can have adverse effects’.

Research conducted by Catalano found that women who gained very little or no weight during pregnancy had smaller fetuses for there age, The infants has a lower bodyweight and had a smaller head circumferance than there peers whose mothers had gained weight during there pregnancy.

Bad Effects On The Infant

Expectant mothers should also be aware of going to the other end of the scale too, gaining more than the recommended weight can have bad effects on the infant, often making them unusually large for there age.

Catalano also stated that ‘Nearly everyone agrees that having a big baby is no good, the lack of lean mass may have long-term consequences’.

Women who gained too much weight or dieted excessively put there fetuses at a greater risk.

It is very important for mothers to understand that any weight loss should occur before the pregnancy and that once pregnant should consult there doctor to find out  whether they should or shouldn’t gain weight, taking into consideration how there weight will affect there unborn child.

It may be a matter of ‘vanity pounds’, especially focusing on weight loss after the child has been born but your infant’s safety should be your no.1 priority along with there health and your own.

Start The Process Today

There are many ways that you can get your body fit and toned after you have had your child.. Just be sure to keep it safe and healthy after you have had your baby and be sure not to push yourself overly hard, your body has had a hard 9 months upto your baby’s birth and needs time to return to normal.

You can also just set yourself up on a gradual healthy diet that will bring your weight down slowly but more sustainably.

I hope this guide on why weight loss and pregnancy don’t mix has been of help to you and hopefully you can take some of the information here forwards with you.

weight loss and pregnancy

6 Comments on Why Weight Loss And Pregnancy Do Not Mix

  1. Michelle Cooper // March 2, 2014 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    Thanks for the tips James, very helpful and stopped me making a bad mistake and doing an extreme celeb weight loss regime.

    • No problem michelle,

      Please feel free to check out my other work on here for great guides for all sorts of weight loss projects.

  2. Rachel Goodchild // March 2, 2014 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    I agree partly with you both but I think a bit of exercise is ok so long as it is done in moderation just like owt else.

  3. Have read a lot of this info before but most of it is common sense, why people push themselves to extremes just after a child is beyond me.

    • I’m in the same boat as you Tory, totally agree with you, I felt compelled to write about it.


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